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rted): kill for us. kill for us. maybe carey heard it. you know, took it as an invitation to impress the true believers. so you're saying this is the proof that there are hidden messages in the show? or that unbalanced fans like carey can perceive things in the show as messages. i don't know. i mean, you could probably find hidden wordplay like that in-in any show. but cult isn't any show. we need to keep digging to find out the truth. to find... nate.
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i knew you'd find me. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news on the cw. getting the word out on the street. the message for gang members and one east bay city just hours after a massive police sweep. is gone, we have to rebuild. >> a famous bay area eatly badly damaged by fire. the one thing that saved it from complete destruction. >> i have to remove my eyeglasses and rub my eyes again and again. really, maybe ten times. >> seeing is believing. how an out of workman in the east bay became the latest california millionaire. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken. one of the most dangerous gangs is all but annihilated tonight
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following the arrest of 15 suspected criminals. it's not stopping there. kpix5's ayers on how some in the community are joining operation cease fire. >> a scream, a struggle. a horrifying armed robbery captured on surveillance video. police say the men in the video belong to the notorious case gang. >> probably the most violent young group of people i've seen in my 25 years. >> that's why oakland police and the federal government targeted the case gang. they announced they all but dismantelled the gang with 16 arrests as part of operation cease fire. the center piece of oakland's latest crime fighting plan. >> we will use every legal means possible to identify those that are involved in violent crime and to bring them to justice. >> cease fire is one part community, one part enforcement. this is the community part.
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dozens of volunteers meeting every friday night to walk some of oakland's streets in the dead of night. the stomping grounds for at least 15 gangs along international boulevard. >> we're here to build a relationship in the community. that's all we are trying to do. >> in october, jordan and community members met with the gang, offering to help them find jobs, promise justice if the violence continued. >> today we kept our promise. >> the community is keeping its promise, too, and they believe it is making a difference. however slowly. >> this is not going to happen overnight. if you try to judge the results of these efforts by what happened this morning or even by us walking for six months, you'll get a false read because this is only the beginning. >> another unique component of this cease fire program are these. these are letters from the oakland police department that were passed out after today's
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rave. they basically tell oakland residents to tell any criminals they know about this cease fire program and let them know that oakland police are looking out for them. ken. >> what's your sense of this? is this chief jordan trying to keep his job there in oakland or is this more former chief bradden who is now a consultant with the city really influencing things? >> reporter: you know, it's hard to tell. i will say i know cease fire is at least been a plan. sort of an official plan for oakland since october. this is a city that has not had a really definitive center piece for some time. this may very well be it. it so happens it's happening as the chief is coming in. >> all right. thanks very much, kristen ayers in oakland. people in one bay area community want gun control of a different kind. they want the ability to decide if a gun show can come to town. state senator has introduced a
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bill requiring approval from san mateo and san francisco county supervisors before any gun shows are held at the palace. the venue is owned by the state and local governments have no control over the sale of ammunition and firearms. >> if elected officials from this neighborhood, from the adjoining counties would like a gun show, they have the right to express that and if they don't want it, they should have the right, not only to express it, but be heard. that's all this bill does. >> gun shows are extremely popular at the cow palace. in january, the cross roads at the west gun show saw a record crowd of roughly 18,000. bit of a mystery in napa where detectives found a food truck with keys, money, and a cell phone inside, but no sign of the food truck operator. 46-year-old ramiro was last seen monday after he dropped off his wife to pick up the family's personal truck.
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that is the same location where detectives found the food truck, at a napa business park. the next morning, he withdrew money in fairfield. he is considered missing and is listed on a nationwide missing person data base. reservations for a popular high-end bay area restaurant are on hold indefinitely. an early morning fire ripped through the restaurant. what kept flames from destroying the entire restaurant. david. >> reporter: we can still smell smoke out here in front of the restaurant. the building is in tact, as you can see me, after the second large fire in the last 31 years. it is something of a miracle that it came through. it was saved by one single sprinkler. the table saws tonight in berkeley, and yes, those are the only tables operating. a slow burning fire smoldered to life just after midnight,
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setting off a sprinkler and bringing firefighters at 3:00 a.m. >> had it not been for that sprinkler, we would have more damage. >> fire investigators liked what they see. a burnt foundation, but structurally, it is sound. >> i don't think it was that much. it's visual. so you see it from here. i don't think it went as far. the damage is external when you see it like that. >> is it truly a one week fix? >> for us to get to the first part, yeah, it's pretty quick. >> they have been here for 40 years. a supreme example of california, fresh, organic cuisine. now, the victim of two fires. >> you know, it really focuses all your attention on what's important. i guess i have to pay attention to my own. >> berkeley residents say tonight that it is a very
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expensive restaurant, but it established the area as a world restaurant center. >> you can look around the neighborhood and see it's a pretty happening neighborhood and you know. >> you hated to see it catch fire? >> i didn't know about it until i walked up right now. >> they try to cater to a wade range of tastes. to the youngest diners. >> what do you like to get? >> hamburgers. >> hamburgers? your favorite thing to get is a hamburger? is that your favorite food? >> no. >> what's your favorite food? >> eggs. >> occasionally you can't get your eggs. but not for the next ten days. they think it will take that long before they finally get all parts of the restaurant back open. kpix5, back to you. >> work will go on around the clock to finish repairs on the restaurant. relatives of the intern killed by a lion at that
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central california animal park are calling her death a tragic accident. diana hanson's family believes the facility followed safety protocalls. the five-year-old lion lifted the door of a partially closed feeding cage with its paw. it then went out and killed hanson as she was cleaning a bigger area. >> some people don't understand the emotional tie you get with your animals and the people that work here. we're a family and we lost two family members. >> the big cat haven sanctuary will reopen to the public on sunday. checking other bay area headlines, a man charged with killing three former coworkers at a santa clara semiconductor firm has been found guilty. 51-year-old wu shot and killed the ceo vice president and rh manager after he was layed off
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back in 2008. now, the jury has to decide whether wu was criminally insane when he committed the murders. >> child cruelty charges have been dropped against a redwood city special education teacher. alexia was arrested in february of last year for allegedly hitting and withholding food from two autistic four-year- olds. the district attorney says the aids changed their statements and the charges will not hold up in court. >> and republicker, mc hammer is tweeting charges have been dropped. the 50-year-old entertainer was stopped february 23, accused of ab of -- obstructing an officer. hammer called his arrest, quote, racial profiling. california man has gone from unemployed to a multimillionaire after winning
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the california lottery. as cbs reporter shows us, he bought the winning ticket in walnut creek. >> some serious regulations. >> they smiled for the cameras as they were introduced as california's newest multimillionaires. super lotto jackpot. >> i can see who now want to be. >> they needed the luck. >> i was looking for a job because i lost my job recently. >> he was layed off several months ago as a copying manager after 16 years. he bought the winning lotto ticket in california. >> remove my eyeglasses and rub miys again and again. >> he rushed back to the gas station to check again. he wanted to remain unanimous until today's official announcement. a reporter was there to get his
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initial reaction. >> i was treated unfair. >> her husband tried to preace the news. >> you have to go through sacramento. she says why? i said you want a lottery. she didn't believe. u told her -- >> are you serious? are dpru serious? >> couple opted for the $22.9 million. they hotch to use winnings to open their own business. that will put family and friends back to work. cbs news. more fuel to the economy. the one group that still struggling to find work. >> you get so much less for what you're paying and it kills me. >> the added competition in
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the housing market. why some are getting smaller and smaller. >> wait until you see how much warmer next week is now looking. that in your forecast coming up. beautiful outside. ,,,,,, [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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more evidence tonight. the economy is rebounding. the unemployment rate for february dropped to 7.7% and that is the lowest unemployment rate in more than four years. employers added nearly a quarter million jobs this past month alone. cbs reporter, tara merger in with how millions of americans struggling to find work are hoping this is a sign the tide is turning. >> noisy construction sites are becoming music to the ears of unemployed americans. a rise in building is fueling a hiringboom. the industry added 48,000 jobs in february. the biggest one-month gain in six years. construction led the way in a better than expected jobs report. there were also big improvements in manufacturing
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and the retail industry. all together, employers added more than a quarter million jobs in february, cutting the unemployment rate to 7.7%. the lowest level in four years. >> we are getting buildup in jobs where people have very good yearly salaries. that could be beneficial to the overall economy. >> the construction industry is expected to keep growing. that is good news for the economy, but many americans are still struggling to find work. chris morris has been going on jube interviews since she was lit go a yore ago. she is one of five million americans who has been out of work for six months. it's the long-term unemployed are finding the hardest time finding a new job. >> i send out 100. >> competition in the financial industry is fierce. he is hoping the improved economy will encourage
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companies to increase hiring. in washington, tara mergener, kpix5. >> while private employers are hiring, the government is doing the opposite. 10,000 federal jobs and state employees were layed off last month. another sign of the recovering economy. the real estate market. the latest trend, less is more. juliette goodrich on the number the buyers hooking small homes. >> this is the fifth home the lee family has looked at today and they feel the pressure to not only bid, but over bid. >> it's ski. a home going for $500,000, listed at $500,000 could go for $6 because of 25 officer. >> how does she feel about the vine tender venn story? >> it kills me. >> whey they are hoping to
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find the perfect home, they are come peoples. looking to down syces. >> i had 16 offers on the house. >> a consumer specialist. >> you do have that baby boomer group of people who are deciding they want to travel, they have just aspirations beyond their home. >> what's a baby boomer's downsized home in the east bay, less than 2,000 square feet. between $399,000 and $600,000. whether you are downsizing or investor, this home seller appreciates prospective buyers who generally appreciate his home. and the letters leave your cookies. it is not too get the fees back, touse it makes me feel good.
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>> he is hoping to sell hues price above action price, but family is look for home sweet home. it's 1100 square feet. a lot of people are writing up offers. it's listed at $489,000. twenty years ago, it sold for $37,000. in dublin, kpix5. >> what's the trick to beating out all that competition? try a cash offer if you can. if you can't, down load a real estate app. that way you'll be the first one to know. >> like our charm people. i really hereabout your house, can you buy it? >> i'll give you sunshine for a year. >> get that contract signed as soon as possible. the next seven days, i can give you sunshine.
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peek outdoors tonight where we have temperatures cooling off. upper 40s livermore. and concord 47 degrees. 48, and san jose 48. we have a clear . we are springing ahead with our temperatures. you'll see that in a second. also this weekend when you go to bed saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour. here's how things will be changing. sunset tonight was 6:11. sunshine is going to be a lot later. of course, you lose that hour in the morning. that is over baja, california, and heading into southern arizona where they had widespread small hail in both phoenix and scotts dale and also tucson this morning. low pressure is moving out, so it's all about this will begin
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excerpting inflounce tomorrow. sunshine with highs in the 50s. once that high pressure goal bets warmer, it's going be stranger than we first thought, but next week it is all about the 70s. this is your coldest day for the next week. san jose 65. it's a few degrees below average. san mateo 67. your high 66. san ramon 65. low 60s for kentfield, mid 60th for sanoma. a couple degrees milder on sunday. it's an on slot of 70s all the way through friday. we will be in the mid to low
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70s. we will p right back. ,,,, [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone.
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tickets. police posing as potential hollywood woman is being accused of selling bogus disney land tickets. police posing as potential ticket goers caught the 22-year- old woman in the act. they say that she had been operating the scam on craigslist for years now. some victims didn't realize they had been duked until they got to the entrance gates of the happiest place on earth. >> she kept a ledger sheet on all her transactions and who she was selling to. >> the woman has been charged with grand theft and forgery.
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keep your head down. another massive asteroid is headed right for us. all right. not going to hit us, but it's a big one. nasa says it's the size of a city block. it passed some 600,000 miles from us and the moon is less than half that distance. >> ahead, bay area college basketball, not the headliner. it's the doves. did that make a difference against the rockets tonight? the minute is next. ,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. the doral in miami... ...bun he finish? let's hi 17 birdies through two rounds. tiger woods has commanded the leader board, but can he
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finish? warriors in the jerseys tonight against the houston rockets. creeping up on them for the playoff spot. in the corner. that's a beauty. warrors up by 9. then jeremy lin, he got hot. and james harden though, he would answer and here come the houston rockets. tied at 76. going to the 4th. the warriors lose the game 94- 88. santa clara losing to loyola. i'm not lying, they missed a free throw here, they would have tied it and given them a chance. they lose. shanay did not lose. they rolled in the quarter final game. 79-60. number five cal with stanford took care of matters 78 and 59 on us

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